February 14: A Little Update

Hey guys! Happy Valentines Day! I hope it’s a good one! I figured I’d type out this little post to let ya’ll know I am not dead, hiding from the law, or moving to Bavaria to escape an arranged marriage. All of which would be reasonable assumptions due to my lack of recent activity! 

Truth is, I am SWAMPED! My family is, in fact, moving to a new house and getting it ready has taken a lot of time outta my schedule. With the move combined with some other life changes, blogging simply hasn’t been at the top of my priorities. But, despite all of that, I am giving you all an update on my reading life. 

My most recent reading adventures have included Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman, (Which you can find a short review of here!) The Song of Lyric series by Sharon Hinck, (Haven’t written a review on these, but hope to soon.) and I am currently reading The Healers Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson. (Hopefully, my life permitting, I will review that when finished!) 

Looking for a great book? Try one of these!

The Princess Adelina

The Widow of Larkspur Inn

Book Review: Call of the Wild by Jack London

Book Review: Kate’s Choice

Book Review: Truth by Molly Evangeline

Need inspiration or an encouraging reminder? 

December 31st: A New Year’s Message

November 30th: A Message For NaNo’ers

~Happy Valentines Day!~


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